Win To Lose (Clip 1)

Win To Lose (Clip 1)

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Year of production: 2014

Producer/Director: Emma Gobillot

Role: Claire

Two chess nerds, deep in debt, take over a high school drug ring and realize they are in way over their heads. 
Created for the 48 Hour Film Project. Won an Audience Award and Second Place Best Editing. Nominated for Best Director, Funniest Film, and Best Ensemble Cast. Accepted to All American High School Film Festival 2015.

 Time Of The Month 
 Party Bro Detective 
Win To Lose 

Year of production: 2016

Producer/Director: Emma Gobillot

Role: Elena

With the help his loyal and perpetually-chugging pledge and the it-girl party host, Frat star Chad Handcock investigates who killed the party by Eric with a lacrosse stick.

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Year of production: 2016

Producer/Writer: Maryn Richardson

Director: Klyne Kidwell

Role: Kat

A couple in need of a financial miracle get one. Kat soon discovers it's not what she hoped for.